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Trae young positioned to be face of atlanta sports


Now, it’s clear that Atlanta is Trae Young’s oyster. That relationship was made official with a max-contract kiss, which will keep him around until 2027 and cost him $207 million if everything goes well. Why should favor give up on him now?

According to the Wall Street Journal, CEOs of S&P 500 companies made “only” $14 million a year on average in 2020. It’s too bad that no one could hit the floater.
It’s official: These Hawks have nothing to do with Hawks from the past, who may have let Young get away because they were too busy eating sausage. DNA has been erased here. Because of this, Young is now ready to take his place as the most exciting young professional athlete in the A.

He was 6 feet 1 inch tall and 180 pounds, proving that even the most unusual people can buy clothes off the rack. It’s nice to know that you don’t have to be made of mythical stuff to play this big. All you need is a competitive nature that isn’t quite as rabid.

As of right now, Atlanta has two rising stars in their sports, which is a blessing that should never be taken for granted. Two players who can be interesting at any time and get everyone’s attention as soon as they walk onto a stage If you don’t look, you might miss something you could tell your grandchildren one day.

Now, you could say that Young’s jersey is even more expensive than Ronald Acuna’s and that if you want to hang out with all the cool kids in Atlanta’s sports scene, you have to have Young’s jersey. Could Young merchandise be more popular this Christmas now that Acuna, who is only 23 but a year older than Young, is so 2020? Parents, save now, no matter what.

Young easily defeated Acuna in those monetary rankings. At the start of the 2019 season, the Braves gambled on their young outfielder by giving him an 8-year, $100 million contract extension. The Braves should make a lot of money from this move until 2028. But let’s hope they never meet and start comparing pay stubs because no one wants to see Acuna making $17 million a year (starting in 2023) and feeling like he’s being taken advantage of.

The argument about who Atlanta’s next-generation alpha athlete is is based on relative points of view and is only meant to be fun. No one has to choose between them because their seasons overlap. This means that fans in this area will have access to an alternative energy source that can compete with the sun and wind almost all year.

Young is not as well known in the NBA as Acuna is in Major League Baseball, even though they both play the same sport. Acuna is one of the best players in his league when everything is going well. Young may be getting close to the top 20 in his field.

But local bias is on Young’s side because he led the Atlanta Hawks to places they had never been in the playoffs, while Acuna’s great season was cut short by his first serious injury (knee).
Young doesn’t have to work around a language barrier to connect with the home crowd as Acuna does. And his sport has a way of marketing its stars that baseball has never been able to do.

Reputations and images are made in the playoffs, and with just one postseason under his belt, Young has shown that he can make a difference like no other player on the Atlanta main stage right now.
Young has played in 16 playoff games for the Hawks during their run to the conference finals. In half of those games, he has scored 30 or more points. Four of his top five scoring games happened away from home, which shows that he is stubborn and won’t give up. In Game 4 against Philadelphia, he became the youngest player ever to have as many as 18 assists in a playoff game.

Do you want to be on stage? How about making a 30-footer and taking a bow at midcourt at Madison Square Garden after winning the first round? He might be the first NBA player to get a Tony nomination.
Do you want to be assertive? How about averaging 38 points per game, including a 48-point game in Milwaukee, in the Hawks’ first three road games of a series? Even better, the Hawks won every game.
If Young hadn’t hurt his foot in the middle of the conference final, the Hawks might have been able to beat Milwaukee. But at least Young is talented enough to make such dreams come true.

Since 2018, Acuna has played in five playoff series, which is a total of 21 games. He has been good, but not great. In a win over the Dodgers in 2018, he hit a grand slam. In five games against St. Louis, he hit.444 (scoring only one run and driving in two), and he had three multi-hit games in the 2020 playoffs, all of which were wins. In the postseason, he has hit.263 with three home runs and nine RBIs.His.872 OPS is 50 points lower than it was earlier in the season.

Acuna will get better, and once he’s back at the top of the Braves lineup, he’ll make a lot of noise again. He deserves to have his postseason.
Both Acuna and Young have bright futures, like klieg lights. You can compare how bright they are in any way you want. The best part is that we’ll be able to look right into it for years and years.


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