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Swiss trademark court orders Lidl to destroy chocolate bunnies.


The end is near for chocolate bunnies sold at Lidl supermarkets in Germany. A press release from the Swiss federal court says that they must be destroyed because they broke a trademark.

In 2018, Lindt & Sprüngli, a Swiss chocolate company, sued Lidl for copying their famous golden-wrapped chocolate bunny treats. They said that Lidl copied their idea without permission.

Lindt’s representatives stated that the bunnies are protected under trademark law. In 2021, the commercial court denied the petition, forcing Lindt to file an appeal.

Swiss trademark court orders

Lindt claims that Lidl’s chocolate bunnies closely resemble their own, making it difficult for shoppers to distinguish between the two brands. According to the statement, Lindt also performed public opinion polls about the two items. 
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The federal court supervising the appeal reversed the commercial court’s dismissal, in part on the basis of public opinion polls conducted by Lindt. The federal court says that even though the two candies are different, there is a chance that people will mix them up. 


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