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Spain’s National Police carry EH216 “mega drone” test flights


The first test flights of the EH216 “mega drone” went well for Spain’s National Police. It is a self-driving airplane that can carry both people and goods. The Air Resources Service got it last year. 
The EH216 will help Spain’s National Police, among other things, get into areas contaminated by CBRN agents or get into tight spaces that other types of aircraft can’t get into.

The vehicle, made by the EHang company, was added to the Air Resources Service of the National Police last year. Studies have been done on how this manned aerial vehicle could be used for emergency and security missions in the fields of research, development, and innovation.

The eHang 216 is a self-piloting aircraft that can carry two people and weighs 600 kilograms. It is powered by electricity and can fly at speeds of up to 130 kilometers per hour.

Spain’s National Police carry EH216 “mega drone” test flights

The “mega drone” will be able to do a lot of different things. For example, it will be able to carry cargo or up to two police officers to places where other types of aircraft, like regular helicopters, can’t go, or to places where there are CBRN agents.

Research, development, and innovation (R+D+I) studies done by the National Police also open up new ways to use this type of drone.

Last week, officers from the National Police flew the EH216 for the first time. This was the first flight of this plane in Spain and the first flight by a police force in Europe.

Reports say that the Spanish National Police has added six virtual shooting ranges for training its agents as part of its strategic lines to help with the digital transformation of the public administration.


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