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South african brothers vanish does billion: $2.2 Billion Worth Of Bitcoin


Bloomberg says that the two brothers who started the Cape Town-based cryptocurrency investment platform Africrypt have vanished, possibly taking $2.2 billion worth of their clients’ bitcoin at current prices.

In April, Africrypt’s chief operating officer, Ameer Cajee, told clients that there had been a hack and asked them not to report the missing funds to the police. This made investors suspicious of the platform. In 2019, he and his brother Raees started the business. When the investors got the ominous letter, they hired Hanekom Attorneys to look into it. A brand-new website in Kenya called BitcoinKE was the first to report the news earlier this week.

South african brothers vanish does billion $2.2 Billion Worth Of Bitcoin
South african brothers vanish does billion: $2.2 Billion Worth Of Bitcoin

The report says that Hanekom Attorneys is looking into the situation right now. So far, they haven’t been able to find the people who started Africrypt, so they’ve told South Africa’s top crime-fighting unit, the Hawks. Crypto exchanges all over the world have also been told to be on the lookout for the brothers in case they try to trade any coins. A different group of investors has taken steps to put the company out of business.

During the investigation, Hanekom Attorneys found that Africrypt’s pooled funds were moved from its South African accounts and client wallets and put through bitcoin tumblers and mixers to make them hard to track.

Bloomberg tried to call either brother but got their voicemails instead. The website the company has also been shut down.


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