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Snoop Dogg’s cannabis-infused onion rings are coming to Funyuns.


Snoop Dogg never stops smoking a fat blunt, and he never starts a business that has anything to do with food or drink. Shortly after fooling Jack White with his breakfast cereal Snoop Loopz, the D-O-Double-G announced a collaboration with TSUMo Snacks called Snazzle Os. These are crispy, onion-flavored rings infused with cannabis that will be sold exclusively at MedMen dispensaries in California starting on Thursday (October 6).

TSUMo is based on the idea that, while the market for weed gummies and other sweet edibles is very crowded, there aren’t enough salty snacks coming out of the cannabis industry, which is growing all the time.

Snoop Dogg’s cannabis-

Snoop said in a press release, “I’m excited to work with TSUMo Snacks to give fans some new snack options.” “There are a lot of sweet edibles out there, so when I made this product, I wanted to give it a Dogg twist. That’s why I’m bringing the savory THC-infused crispy onion-flavored rings to my home state of California. You know that if I sign something, it’s guaranteed to be fresh if it’s stamped Snoop D-O-Double-G. “

Caroline Yeh, co-founder, and CEO of TSUMo Snacks added:

My team and I had been dreaming of working with the famous rapper Snoop Dogg for this snack collaboration. Snoop fits right in with the values of TSUMo Snacks because he has always been true to himself. We know that our fans also like Snoop. We jumped at the chance to work with him to make these salty, crunchy, onion-flavored rings, which remind us of his favorite snack. We can’t wait to hear what our fans think of this new and unique cannabis-based edible.

The salty snacks taste really good, according to a review in The Washington Post. They are like a mix of Funyuns, Flamin’ Hot Cheetos, and Takis.

Don’t even get me started on the spicy onion—owed, that kick!” The company has released two flavors of Snazzle Os so far: onion and spicy onion. Each 100mg THC-infused bag is meant to be shared.

Later this month, Snazzle Os will be sold in more US dispensaries, but it’s not clear when or if they’ll be sold in Canada. Also, we haven’t heard much more about the rap legend’s plans to trademark the name “Snoop Dogg’s” for a line of, you guessed it, hot diggity-dogs.


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