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Shein wedding dresses: California bride goes viral for $47 wedding dress and minimal


As a result of inflation, wedding costs are going through the roof. One California couple’s efforts to keep their big day under $500 have gone viral.

Kiara and Joel Brokenbrough of Los Angeles wanted their wedding to be “as simple as possible,” according to “Good Morning America.” They bought a $47 wedding dress from Shein, an online store similar to Fashion Nova.

Kiara told the outlet, “I didn’t want to spend a lot of money on a dress because I only planned to wear it once for a few hours.”

Shein wedding dresses: California bride goes viral

Kiara put videos of her cheap wedding and dress on TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube, where they got more than a million views.

People on the platform congratulated Kiara on her beautiful wedding, and some of them were inspired to have a low-cost wedding themselves.

omgggg! I love this so much! “I’m about to do the same thing; thanks for sharing, and congrats, Queen!” said a user.

“I was happy that mine was less than $3,000. “You did well to get yours for $500!” wrote another.

“Purrr…. People spend a lot of money on a wedding that only lasts one day. Congratulations, madam, you looked lovely. “I hope you both are happy,” said someone else.

The couple found a free spot off a California highway for their wedding. At the reception, they didn’t give their guests any food or drinks. GMA says that to cut costs even more, her family gave them flowers and a runner for the special occasion.

FOX 11 said there were less than 75 guests, and the couple only invited 30 to 40 close friends and family.

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“The people there understood the assignment and what we were trying to do, and they really helped us,” Kiara told GMA.


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