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Samsung Wallet Launching in Plenty of New Countries:


It has been announced by Samsung that, beginning this year, the Samsung Wallet app will be accessible in a significant number of nations. The mobile payment system that was formerly known as Samsung Pay is now available to a wider audience of Samsung device owners. When the wallet is made available to the public, more information about how it can be used will be given. 

New nations that will be able to use Samsung Wallet include Bahrain, Denmark, Finland, Kazakhstan, Kuwait, Norway, Oman, Qatar, South Africa, Sweden, Switzerland, and Vietnam. The United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Vietnam are also among the new countries that will have access to Samsung Wallet. 
Previously, you could use Samsung Wallet in China, France, Germany, Italy, Korea, Spain, the United Kingdom, and the United States of America. You can only use it in Korea now. 

Samsung Wallet Launching

According to Jeanie Han, Executive Vice President and Head of the Digital Life Team of the Mobile Experience Business at Samsung Electronics, “Samsung Wallet takes everyday ease to a whole new level.” “We improved the Wallet experience by collaborating closely with our most trusted partners and the developers behind it.” “Our primary objective is to bring the platform to as many markets as we can as rapidly as we can,” so that as many Samsung Galaxy customers as possible can benefit from the digital wallet. 

“Samsung Wallet is fantastic news for users of Samsung devices, especially considering that the service is improving and can now store a greater variety of identification cards and papers.” 
“Samsung Knox, Samsung’s security platform, protects the Samsung Wallet platform by using fingerprint recognition and encryption to keep users’ important data safe.” For instance, Samsung Wallet works with both bank cards and digital keys,

so a Samsung phone can be used as a car key when it is paired with a certain car. In an effort to demonstrate how secure its digital wallet is, a South Korean firm stated, “On top of that, Samsung Wallet stores documents that are highly important in a separate region, which adds an extra layer of protection against possible digital and physical hacking efforts.”


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