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Rogan jokes Dan Jewett had ‘zero chance’


Last week, comedian Joe Rogan talked about how MacKenzie Scott, a billionaire who gives a lot of money to charity, filed for divorce. He made a joke that the breakup was probably because of how rich she was. 
Scott used to be married to Amazon founder and billionaire Jeff Bezos. She filed for a divorce from her second husband, Dan Jewett, who used to teach at a good school where her children went. 
The couple is reportedly following a separation agreement, and Jewett didn’t fight the divorce, which happened less than two years after their marriage became public. 

On last week’s episode of his podcast, “The Joe Rogan Experience,” Rogan talked about what was going on. He said that he had written a stand-up comedy bit about Scott’s marriage to Jewett, but he didn’t use it because “it felt mean and personal.” Rogan’s guest, Greg Fitzsimmons, another comedian and one of Rogan’s guests, heard about the bit from Rogan. 

Rogan jokes Dan Jewett had ‘zero chance’

She got $39 billion in the divorce settlement, and she soon married a high school science teacher. The joke was about a woman worth $39 billion marrying a man worth $3,000. That guy has nothing to say in that relationship. “That guy doesn’t get to choose what color the walls are,” Rogan said. I know this because neither my wife nor I get to choose anything in our house. He’s in big trouble. The show’s host said, “He has no chance at all.”

 His pronouns are written in his Twitter bio, and that guy is drinking white wine. He’s been neutered. He is a performer and an artist. He made fun of him, “He’s putting on a show.” “He’s aware of how much money she has. How long can you keep it together? In the end, it was 24 months. He couldn’t keep himself in check. You can’t be yourself if your wife is worth $39 billion. It’s just too hard to be yourself. ” 
Forbes says that Scott has a personal fortune of about $34.1 billion. She is a novelist and a very kind person who has given more than $12 billion to charity over the past few years. Rogan made it clear that he was joking during the segment. Later, he complimented Scott’s charity work. 

Rogan added, “She really cares about social justice and prison reform, and in that way, she has a beautiful soul.” ” She has a lot of money and gives a lot of it to charity. She spends all of this money, which adds up to billions of dollars, on affordable housing and other cool things. 
In 2019, when they split up, Scott got 25% of Bezos’s share of Amazon. He became one of the richest people in the world because of this.


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