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Regarding drug pricing, Kroger seeks to sever ties with Cigna’s Express Scripts.


According to grocery store chain Kroger Co., it has informed Express Scripts, a division of Cigna Corp., in writing of its intention to terminate the pharmacy provider agreement for commercial clients due to an “unsustainable” pricing strategy.

Since February, Kroger has made repeated attempts to negotiate a “more equitable and fair contract” with the pharmaceutical benefit manager for a “contract that lowers cost, enhances access, and gives better transparency, but there has been little to no movement so far,” according to Kroger.

Most of Express Scripts’ business clients won’t be able to fill prescriptions at Kroger stores if a new agreement is not signed by December 31. However, Kroger claimed that more than 90% of Kroger Health’s customers won’t be impacted by a termination of the partnership. In 2018, Cigna acquired Express Scripts in a $54 billion merger, forming one of the largest American suppliers of health plans and pharmacy benefits.


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