Profile instacart ceo apoorva mehtasorvinoforbes

Profile instacart ceo apoorva mehtasorvinoforbes

Apoorva Mehta is the CEO and founder of Instacart, a grocery delivery service based in San Francisco that was recently worth $13 billion.
Apoorva was born in India and lived in Libya before moving to Canada. He then went to the University of Waterloo to study engineering.

Before becoming an entrepreneur in 2010, he worked as an engineer for Blackberry, Qualcomm, and Amazon.

Before he started Instacart in 2012, he had ideas for about 20 products, but none of them worked out.
With Instacart, customers order groceries from brick-and-mortar stores online. An Instacart shopper then packs and delivers the groceries.

Apoorva Mehta FAQS

How much of Instacart does Apoorva Mehta own?

He finally got a meeting with Y Combinator by sending a pack of beer to a partner through his grocery delivery service. He was later accepted. By 2020, Mehta had a 10% stake in his company and was a billionaire at age 33. In 2021, $39 billion was put on the value of Instacart.

Why did Apoorva Mehta leave Instacart?

Since I switched from CEO to Executive Chairman a year ago, I’ve realized I want to work on a new mission with the same single-mindedness I used to build Instacart. I’ll be able to do that if I step off the board.” Apoorva Mehta started Instacart and used to be its executive chairman.

How much is Instacart company worth?

Type of sitePrivate
Key peopleFidji Simo (CEO)
ServicesGrocery Delivery
RevenueUS$1.8 billion (2021)


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