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Over spotify joe rogan experiencehendrix tech:


What you should know: Kevin talks about why the problems this scandal has caused won’t go away. Listen to this episode of Popcast to learn more about the tough questions that have been raised about Spotify as a platform. Based on the things he has been talking about lately, I would move to say yes.

It seems that as of late, you can’t say or do anything that is different from the norm or that might even slightly offend one person. Throw them out of the kingdom and cancel them.

Over spotify joe rogan experiencehendrix tech:

Don’t get me wrong I really like Joe Rogan and the way he talks about conspiracies, but people have been banned for less.

The media company would then take them off their platform to show that they won’t put up with this kind of trash. Since Spotify spent about $100 million on the “Joe Rogan Experience,” it seems unlikely that he will be leaving anytime soon.


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