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Today, BCV is happy to announce that we have made a Series C investment in Docker, which is the leader in packaging, distributing, and securing containers. These tasks are so important to the work of a software developer that we think Docker will become one of the most important companies in the field.

Docker series

When Docker’s open-source containerization technology came out in March 2013, it made a big splash. Containers are standard pieces of software that combine code and dependencies to make distributing applications easy and repeatable. Docker has been at the forefront of the container and microservice revolutions for almost a decade, and today there are many millions of developers building on Docker.

Docker’s focus on developers works well with the new way that software products are used in businesses. In 2015, Forrester found that 75% of B2B buyers would rather buy from a website or an app than from a salesperson. The “product-led growth movement,” as it has been called, gives developers more buying power and helps companies that focus on making products that end users want. We expect this trend to get stronger as digital transformation in businesses continues, switching costs go down, and the need to serve users in small steps grows.

At BCV, we’ve always liked businesses that focus on developers and have roots in open source. To back up this belief, we’ve been investing in open-source companies for almost ten years and have a deep understanding of the value of passionate developer communities. Stack Overflow’s largest annual survey of developers found that Docker is the platform that developers want the most and love the second most.

Advantage of docker series

In the past, Docker had trouble taking advantage of how popular its products were, and it spent a few years looking for a way to make money that matched this popularity. Since then, Docker has had a great year, even though it doesn’t have much of a sales team. It has come out of this time of uncertainty in a stronger position than ever before. The CEO of Docker, Scott Johnston, has been with the company for more than eight years and has seen all of its ups and downs. His leadership and vision for the products have been key to the company’s newfound success, and there is no one better suited to lead the company into a future with so many opportunities.

We invested in Docker not only because of the container movement and the community’s love for the product but also because of the company’s strategic position in a software developer’s stack. Product speed, security, and collaboration used to be nice-to-haves for engineering firms, but now they are expected. Docker is used by developers at every stage of the development process to build, test, share, and deploy containers. As the company’s software packager and distributor, Docker can help developers follow best practices for security and speed up the time it takes for their products to reach the market.

We’re excited to see Docker keep growing in its core business and move into these new markets, and we can’t wait to help Scott and the team as they build a developer tools company that will last for generations.


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