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Micron to get a huge subsidy from Japan


The Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Industry (METI) of Japan has said that it will give up to 46.5 billion yen (US$321 million) to help Micron Technology make its most advanced DRAM memory chips in Hiroshima.

The subsidy, which was announced on September 30, should make Micron and Japan’s semiconductor industry more competitive with Samsung and SK Hynix in South Korea. It will also strengthen the US-Japan technology alliance.

Micron to get a huge subsidy

IC Insights says that Micron will have 23% of the global market for DRAM (which stands for “dynamic random-access memory”) in 2021, making it the world’s third-largest maker of this type of memory.

Samsung Electronics had 44% of the market, while its Korean competitor, SK Hynix, had 28%. Most of the remaining shares were owned by Nanya and other Taiwanese companies. China’s ChangXin Memory had less than 2%.


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