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Lucid Releases UX 2.0 With Many Features & Updates:

  • The new UX makes changes to the car’s navigation systems. 
  • It comes with updates to its ADAS system that make it safer. 
  • There are also many changes to the interface.

Lucid Motors has released its 2.0 user interface as part of an over-the-air update that adds hundreds of new features. As part of the update, the “instant-on” displays won’t require you to wait for anything to start up, so you can get in the driver’s seat and start driving the car right away. The glass cockpit and the other screens inside the car will get new graphics.

This big software update, which adds tens of millions of new lines of source code to almost every computer in the vehicle that can be updated, is possible because the Lucid Air was built from the start to get better over time. “Thanks to our integrated software and hardware engineering, Lucid has the technical depth to improve our vehicles even after they leave the factory,” said Michael Bell, senior VP of digital at the Lucid Group. 

Lucid has also changed where the turn-by-turn navigation instructions are shown on the main screen. Before, they were on the right screen, but now they are in the middle. In UX2.0, the range prediction is also more accurate, and there will be more Alexa voice commands built-in.

Lucid Motors has worked on the headlights and the DreamDrive systems that help drivers. It has added safety features like protection against rear pedestrian collisions and highway assistance with active lane centering. It also has a new De-Ice mode that makes it possible to see through the windshield when it’s covered in snow or ice.

The rollout just started, but Lucid Motors will be working on it for the next two weeks.


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