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Laura Ortman is Cologix’s CEO.


Laura Ortman has replaced Bill Fathers as the CEO of Cologix.The company’s board of directors announced that Laura Ortman will become the company’s CEO on October 12, 2022. Laura is the President and Chief Revenue Officer at Cologix right now. 
Ortman joined the company in 2018. Before that, he was Chief Customer Officer at Equinix and Vice President and General Manager of Cloud Services and Executive Global Services at VMware. She is also on the board of the Asian data centre company, Digital Edge DC, which is part of Stonepeak.

Ortman said, “I’m excited to lead this amazing and high-performing organisation into its next phase of growth.” It’s an honour to lead and work with Cologix’s great team. I’m looking forward to building on the strong foundation and positive growth we’ve made over the last few years. I want to thank Bill for his long-term vision, leadership, partnerships, and teamwork.

The van Rooyen Group and ColCap started the US data centre company Cologix in 2010. In 2017, Stonepeak Infrastructure Partners bought the majority of the company. The company now runs more than 40 data centres in 11 markets in North America.

Cyrus Gentry, the managing director of Stonepeak, said that Laura’s work at Cologix helped make it the financially and operationally strong company it is today. “We know she is a great leader, and like her predecessor, Bill Fathers, she has the same vision to guide Cologix as we continue to grow the company.”

Ortman will take over as CEO from Bill Fathers, who will stay on as Chairman of Cologix’s Board of Directors and as a Senior Operating Partner at Stonepeak, the company’s controlling shareholder. Fathers joined Cologix in 2017 as a board member and was named CEO in 2018.

“Laura is an innovative and energetic leader, making her the perfect choice to lead Cologix as it continues to grow in the fast-growing digital infrastructure market opportunity,” Fathers said. Her extensive industry knowledge, highly effective leadership style, and proven ability to adapt and innovate while delivering operational excellence will continue to be major assets as we work to meet the huge needs of the growing digital economy. I am sure that Laura’s focus on the customer will take Cologix to new heights as we continue to meet the changing needs of our customers.


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