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Justin Bieber: peaches pre rolls


Justin Bieber puts Peaches Pre-Rolls on the market in California.
On October 4, 2021, it was announced that Justin Bieber and the U.S.-based cannabis company Palms Premium would work together to make a limited-edition line of pre-rolls called “Peaches.” Yes, you guessed right—this weed can be bought in California. The pre-rolls can also be bought at dispensaries in Florida, Massachusetts, and Nevada.

In each package of the limited-edition Peaches, there are seven half-gram pre-rolls. They cost $50 and come with a lighter that says “Peaches.” There are Indica, Sativa, and hybrid strains of the half-gram joints. The Indica strain is called Skittles-n-Cream, the Sativa strain is called Golden Jack, and the hybrid strain is called White Runtz. The THC content of the pre-rolls ranges from 22–38%.

Peaches Pre-Roll Review

The Peaches pre-rolls are ideal for bringing to a party or smoking in the middle of the day. They won’t make you feel too high, but they’ll give you a good buzz. We weren’t surprised to find that the terpene profile included fruit and citrus terpenes, which gave the pre-rolls a “peachy” flavor. We love these pre-rolls so much that we decided to make a digital menu board with Justin Bieber and Peaches.

On this digital menu, you can almost taste the juicy peaches.

The Peaches pre-rolls brand and the sweet, juicy fruit gave the BudSense team the idea to make this digital menu. This menu best showed off the Peaches pre-rolls with the help of BudSenses badges, custom titles, colors, and logo elements.

Things about Justin Bieber you didn’t know

Justin Bieber smoked weed for the first time in his own backyard. He got really high and knew right away that he loved and cared about weed. Justin likes to smoke Wonderbrett’s Pink Picasso, OZ Kush, Pineapple OG, Orange Sunset, and Melon OG, in addition to his own Peaches pre-rolls. He has been known to spend more than $1,000 at the dispensary in one trip. We’d all like to be known for something.

I get my light straight from the source, yeah.

We hope you liked learning about Justin Bieber’s Peaches pre-rolls and his relationship with weed, and we ask that you stay tuned for more posts in the Celebrities Who Smoke Weed blog series.


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