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Intermediate bulk containers market type, application, key players, geographic scope, and forecast


The market for intermediate bulk containers. Flexible intermediate bulk containers (FIBCs) are used in many industries, such as waste management, building and construction, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, agriculture, mining, and building and construction. The pharmaceutical business is expected to grow around the world due to a growing number of chronic diseases and an aging population. This will increase the need for FIBC in the pharmaceutical industry. Flexible intermediate bulk containers make bulk packaging lighter because they are so small and light. By folding and pressing several FIBCs together, they can be stored in a small space. FIBCs are flexible containers made mostly of polypropylene that is woven (PP). They can hold anywhere from 500 kg to 2,000 kg.

Intermediate bulk containers market type,

There are a number of things that can be linked to the growth, such as an increase in the demand for intermodal containers, a rise in global trade, and the growth of the e-commerce market in developing countries like China and India. Heavy-gauge plastic IBC is a new type of high-density polyethylene (HDPE) IBC that is used to move and store liquid items. They can be used in the intermediate bulk container (IBC) market because they meet all the standards for how dangerous goods should be handled and stored.

This report on the intermediate bulk container market does a lot of research on a number of different topics in order to figure out the most important factors that lead to growth. People in the market find that this feature is a great way to get ideas for their business plans. This paper also talks about how the market for intermediate bulk containers is changing quickly and what that looks like. The paper also talks about how COVID-19 would affect the market for intermediate bulk containers from 2022 to 2030.

Major Players in the World Market for Intermediate Bulk Containers 

  • MiniBulk Yantai, Haiwan, Langston 
  • Dongxing Plastic Wellknit Jumbo Bag
  • Bulk AmeriGlobe RDA Packaging
  • Greif Berry Plastics, Inc.

Taihua Group Global-Pak Shenzhen Riversky Intertape Polymer Bulk Lift Conitex Sonoco Changing Bulk

  • Intermediate bulk containers around the world by type 
  • Intermediate bulk containers that are flexible 
  • Intermediate Bulk Containers that are Stiff

By Applications: Global Intermediate Bulk Containers 

Others in the Food & Beverage Industry: Healthcare Industry, Chemical Industry

The market for intermediate bulk containers is very fragmented because there are so many domestic and international players. There is a lot of competition between these businesses to get a share of the market for intermediate bulk containers. Pricing is an important factor that the maker needs to think about carefully if it wants to sell more. The main goal of research and development operations is to find new methods and technologies that will lower the cost of intermediate bulk containers while also making them better. In order to have a bigger impact on the market for intermediate bulk containers, key competitors often merge, buy each other out, form partnerships, joint ventures, and work together.

This study looks at the demand-supply scenario, price, profit margins, production, and value chain/ecosystem analysis to predict the growth of the worldwide intermediate bulk container market. Regional analysis of the global Intermediate Bulk Containers market reveals a lot of untapped potential in regional and domestic markets. With the help of detailed company profiling, users can look at business shares, new product lines, the potential for NPD in new markets, pricing strategies, innovation opportunities, and much more.


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