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Indonesia pt bank central: asia hartonos


Most of R. Budi and Michael Hartono’s money comes from their investment in Bank Central Asia, which you can see in the picture above.
After Salim lost control of the bank during the Asian economic crisis of 1997–1988, the Hartonos bought a piece of it.
The family’s wealth comes from the company Djarum, which was started by their father and is now run by Budi’s son Victor.
The Polytron brand of electronics and prime real estate in Jakarta are both owned by the same family.

Indonesia pt bank central FAQS

How Rich is Hartono?

Robert Budi Hartono, who was born on April 28, 1941, is a Chinese-Indonesian tobacco billionaire. In 2018, his net worth was $12.6 billion (traditional Chinese: Huáng Huzhng; pinyin: Huáng Huzhng; Peh-e-j: in Hi-tingg).Robert Budi Hartono

What was Mr Hartono’s occupation?

Michael Bambang Hartono was born on October 2, 1939. Oei Hwie Siong (Chinese: ; pinyin: Huáng Huxiáng; Peh-e-j: in Hui-siông) is a Chinese Indonesian billionaire heir and businessman.

What does CCC mean in banking?

The cash conversion cycle (CCC), also called the cash cycle, is a measure of a company’s working capital that shows how many days it takes for cash to be turned into inventory and then back into cash through the sales process.

How can I send money to BCA in Indonesia?

How to Send Money to Indonesia’s Central Asia Bank in 5 Simple Steps
To use Remitly for the first time, download the app and make an account.
Type in how much you want to send.
Select Bank Deposit as the method of delivery and Bank Central Asia as the location.
Enter your recipient’s account details.
Enter your payment information. 

What does BCA stand for Bank?

Menara BCA (English: BCA Tower) located within Grand Indonesia in Jakarta, Indonesia
Traded asIDX: BBCA
Founded1955 (as NV Perseroan Dagang Dan Industrie Semarang Knitting Factory) 21 February 1957 (as PT Bank Central Asia Tbk)
FounderSudono Salim
What does BCA stand for Bank?


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