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How to get rid of circling flies on patio:


During the warmer months, it may seem like swarms of flies come to your yard, land on your food at picnics, and stick to the side of your house. If you’re in this situation, you might be wondering how to quickly get rid of flies so you don’t have to deal with these annoying bugs anymore. Even though flies will probably show up every now and then, especially in the summer, there are things you can do to stop a lot of them from buzzing around your house.

Here, we’ll tell you about seven quick and easy ways to get rid of flies. You can try one, two, or all three to see what works best for your home and family. The good news is that most of these ways are natural and safe for people to use. And remember, flies are gross and annoying, but they are usually harmless and easy to get rid of.

Why do flies show up outside?
The most active time for houseflies (Musca domestica) is when it’s warm outside, which is usually between April and October in most parts of the U.S. Fly populations can grow very quickly because they can make babies very quickly and don’t need much to live. In her short life span of 15 to 25 days, a female housefly can lay more than 500 eggs. And in as little as a week, those eggs hatch into full-grown flies. Because of this, a swarm of flies can feel like an attack you didn’t see coming.

Most of the time, flies are nothing but a bother. But flies can spread disease and make you sick if they land on the food you’re eating.

How to Get Rid of Flies in the Outdoors
Here are seven ways to get rid of flies outside, whether you’re trying to protect your whole yard or just the area where you eat outside.

Find the cause and take it away.
Flies love decaying organic matter more than anything else. They will be attracted to anything that comes from plants or animals, like compost, rotting food, or animal waste, and use it as a place to lay a lot of eggs. When the eggs hatch, maggots will come out. These maggots will soon turn into full-grown flies. To keep your property fly-free, you’ll need to get rid of things like this. A bleach solution should be used to clean out trash cans on a regular basis. Compost bins should be kept far away from your home and covered as much as possible. Animal waste should be picked up as often as possible.

Clean with Pine Sol: Flies don’t like the smell of pine, which is why Pine Sol works so well to keep them away. If you have a lot of flies outside, just use a solution of hot water and Pine Sol to swab your porch, deck, and even the side of your house. Make sure to test the solution on a small, inconspicuous area of your deck or home’s siding to make sure it doesn’t damage the surface. Pine-Sol works well on most surfaces, but you should test it first. For this treatment to work best, it should be done every few days.

Host predators in the wild
Flies can be eaten by birds, bats, and even frogs. This will reduce the number of flies in your backyard. So bringing these animals to your property is another good way to get rid of flies outside your house. Putting out birdbaths and birdhouses is a clear way to attract more birds to your property. But be careful, because these things can also attract squirrels, which can then make nests under porches, in chimneys, and even in car engines. Look for bird feeders that try to keep squirrels away or discourage them from eating them.

Bat houses are easy to make or cheap to buy, and they can be used to attract bats that eat bugs. You might be tempted to add a pond so that frogs have a place to live, but keep in mind that insects love standing water of any kind.

Use fly swatters.
Fly traps can be very effective when there are a lot of flies outside. Most fly traps use a liquid or powder made from putrescent, or rotten, eggs. These eggs have a horrible smell that turns people off, but flies love them. Fly traps can catch and hold thousands of flies at once, and when they are full, they should be changed out. If you have a lot of flies, you might want to set out several fly traps around the edge of your property. You should use them far from your home so you don’t accidentally bring flies to your property. Instead, you should cross their paths before they start flying around your backyard living space.

Make use of fly paper
Flypaper is a strip that is very sticky and has insecticide on it. It’s easy to use and clean; just take off the top of the dispenser and the paper will roll out to its full length (which is quite long, as a word of warning). You’ll find that flies are immediately drawn to the paper, so it won’t take long for your fly paper to fill up with flies that can’t escape the sticky surface. Once the paper is covered, put it in a trash or grocery bag, tie it up well, and throw it away.

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Fans or candles can help.
Want to know how to get rid of flies so you can eat outside on your patio or deck? A fan can do great things in a small room like this. Flies get confused because the air is always moving. Flies like it when the air is still. Even though citronella candles are usually used to keep mosquitoes away, they can also keep common flies away, especially when used in small areas.


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