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Here Is The ‘Destiny 2’ season of the chosen roadmap:


Destiny 2’s new season, “Season of the Chosen,” has been announced, and with it comes a new seasonal roadmap that goes from next Tuesday to mid-May, as usual. I thought you might want a more permanent place to look at the roadmap than a tweet, so I wrote this article. You can view it in a larger size here, though I doubt you can see everything that well.

I also wanted to say a few words about what was on the road map and whether or not there would be any surprises. Here are the things that I remember most after reading it:

The main thing about this season is the new Battlegrounds events, which, if I had to guess, may be on the same level as Forges since they are made up of three people. From what we can tell, there are four in total. They are on Nessus, the Cosmodrome, the moon, and… I’m not sure about the last one (Update: Europa, judging by the trailer). They might use existing map areas, unlike forges, but I’m not sure yet.

The two strikes from Destiny 1 that are being brought back, Fallen Saber and Devil’s Lair, will go live as soon as the season does. We still don’t know if they are tied into the story in some way like The Disgraced was in Beyond Light, or if they have been rewritten or just have the same dialogue and final bosses as the originals.

The new HELM location has been a bit of a mystery for fans since it doesn’t seem to be in the current tower. Some people think it’s a remodeled part of the old tower, but that doesn’t mean the whole old tower is coming back to life. From what I can tell, the HELM will be this season’s “invest currency in upgrading X thing to get more bonuses” item.

New Stasis Aspect Quests are something that is only mentioned in this roadmap and nowhere else. We don’t know how many (I’m guessing at least one per class) or what kind (more checklists like last time, or a real mission?) I’m sure that whatever effects they have, they won’t be controversial and won’t have any effect on PvP. I hope this continues the story of Clovis and Elsie on Europa so that we don’t just give up on that place.

Trials start right away with its new armor set, which is probably the best-looking one we’ve seen this season. The new trailer also showed that Trials is getting a new hand cannon. From what we can tell, it looks like the only things being added or worked on for PvP this season are new Trials loot and new playlist drops.

In addition to in-game loot, some actual loot can be customized to reward good players, such as custom coins, which I believe are an impressive gift. In order to commemorate your efforts and dedication in the game, you can also customize game challenge coins for yourself. When you see this coin, you will think of the time when you fought bloody battles for your goals in the game. Welcome to GS-JJ custom coins, simple and efficient, and affordable!

The actual new strike for the season, Proving Grounds, doesn’t come out until more than a month after the season starts. It takes place on a moving tank, and I think the delay is because it will be part of a season-long story that can’t happen right away. Strangely, Bungie is giving the strike to season pass holders a week before free-to-play players. I mean, okay?

The ‘Destiny 2 FAQS

How do I get the chosen d2 Season?

How do I purchase a season ticket? From the “Seasons” tab of the Director map, you can buy a season pass. In our Destiny 2: Beyond Light Digital Deluxe Edition, you can buy all seasons, which is about a year’s worth of content.

How do I start the path of the chosen?

Players can start doing things for Season of the Chosen when they go to Nessus and finish the “Battleground: Behemoth” mission. There are a lot of Battlegrounds activities in Season of the Chosen, but they can’t be played in the Vanguard Strikes playlist until this quest is done.

Is Season 3 of Chosen available?

On Friday, November 18, 2022, the first two episodes of Season 3 will be shown in theaters.


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