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First cross-chain and multichain gaming NFT marketplace


As it turned out, in 2022, gold, stocks, or even Bitcoin were not good ways to measure how stable the economy was. Now, a digital asset called NFT proudly takes over this role. In the world of crypto markets and technology today, the term “non-fungible token” is all the rage. NFTs are unique cryptographic digital assets that exist on the blockchain network. They represent unique digital assets that can’t be copied,

faked, or replaced. Since they were first made, non-fungible tokens have changed in a number of ways. At first, they were used by the community to make paintings, audio files, videos, movies, architecture, and other physical works of art. Video games were added to this list at a later time. When they combined with NFT, the technology grew into something new, which is how the whole GameFi industry came to be.

To understand the value of NFT technology, you need to look at both how it works technically and how much it is worth as a whole. The so-called marketplaces, which buy, sell, exchange, mint, and do other things, were a big part of what made people want NFTs. For example, the popular website DappRadar says that the total market capitalization of tokens that can’t be exchanged for cash is $12 billion.

And this is with the general decline of ETH at the end of 2021 in mind. At the moment, almost 90% of all the NFTs that have ever been made are on the Ethereum network. This is because this cryptocurrency can be used to make secure smart contracts, which are the foundation of non-fungible token technology. There are, of course, some big problems with NFTs, such as the high cost of maintaining the network, the high cost of gas, and the fact that you can’t trade within the same chain.

Realizing that the market has a lot of needs, a lot of developers and crypto-enthusiasts are looking for ways to make NFTs on different networks. Users would be able to switch between different markets and networks. It also gives you a chance to use your network to mint your non-fungible tokens. Cross-chain or multichain is the name for this idea.

The development of NFTs and their use in most parts of our lives will be given a big boost by the creation of such markets. In addition to making them more compatible with each other, this makes them more sustainable, improves their security, and makes it so that centralized companies have less of an impact on technology.

How do the Multichain and Cross-chain NFT markets work?

As we wrote earlier, the cross-chain NFT marketplace is a specialized platform on the blockchain that lets you do all financial transactions with a different set of non-fungible tokens and their collections. Most modern platforms don’t support multichain transactions and manipulations related to NFTs, which is a shame. I want different networks to have marketplaces that accept cryptocurrency. In these kinds of markets, cross-chain and multi-chain are just starting to grow.

And it shouldn’t be a surprise. After all, the fact that you can use your non-fungible token on different networks gives crypto fans access to a much wider range of benefits and deals. One of the best things about multichain is that it gives you the chance to get more customers. This is because when you add a new network, you also get a new audience. Cross-chains need to be talked about separately in terms of how they work. First of all, it made it harder for unauthorized people to mess with NFT’s work.

Because your non-fungible token will only work on one network, multichain also makes it easier to get money. Also, thanks to the benefits of cross-chain, your video game NFT marketplace will be able to work in different situations and on different devices without losing performance. In general, multichain technologies have a lot of benefits for your business. With their help, you can grow your platform and get it to the top of the global crypto market with their help.

Octogamex is the first cross-chain NFT marketplace in the world.

OctoGamex is a decentralized multichain gaming NFT trading platform where you can buy, sell, exchange, and trade your in-game tokens that can’t be used for anything else. The team behind the marketplace gives users the best service, an easy-to-use interface, and a steady income. OctoGamex focuses on the most popular NFT collections, play-to-earn (or P2E) games, and blockchain games. The most important benefits of working with the platform will be that it can be used on different platforms and that operations can be done in seconds. This platform makes it clear and easy to sign up.

The user only needs to pick a wallet that is easy to use, and the network will happen. At the moment, the OctoGamex team lets you use up to 10 blockchains to make your ideas come true. It does a good job of adding to the platform’s functionality and making it easier to use. OctoGamex also has a feature that you can’t find in any other marketplace. This tool is called NFT Bridge. It is meant to change the way you think about multichain.

The main job of NFT Bridge is to move your tokens that can’t be used on other networks to another network. That is, users of OctoGamex can move their NFTs from one chain to another without having to pay huge fees. Don’t put it off, because you could be one of them!

ElephantLab was one of the first companies to make modern blockchain products.

The OctoGamex multichain platform was created by a team of ambitious researchers who were studying blockchain technology. ElephantsLab is a company that makes products. They focus on making products that use blockchain technology. It was started in 2018 in the United Kingdom, but its main office is in Ukraine. The team actively uses, studies,

and analyzes blockchain technology to make it as useful as possible in a world that is always changing. ElephantsLab also offers development services for multi-chain NFT Marketplaces and many other ways to grow the non-fungible token industry to meet needs around the world.


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