Facts About Camilo Madrigal:

Facts About Camilo Madrigal

Camilo Madrigal is a supporting character in Encanto, a well-known Disney animated movie. He is Pepa and Felix’s middle child and the proud “theatre kid” of the Madrigal family. He can change into different forms and is one of the most well-known characters in the movie.

Rhenzy Feliz, who is also known for his roles in Runaways (2017) and The Tender Bar, does the voice of Camilo (2023). But today’s article isn’t about the voice actor. Instead, it’s about Camilo Madrigal himself. We have a lot to tell you and a lot of ground to cover, so let’s not waste any more time and get started.

Camilo Madrigal: Character History, Family, Country, and Birthday

Camilo was born on December 28 to parents Pepa and Felix Madrigal in Colombia. He is also Dolores’s younger brother and Antonio’s older brother. He comes from a big family, and he has many cousins. He is related to Isabela, Luisa, and Mirabel through Julieta, Bruno, and Augustin.

Camilo could change his shape when he was five years old. After that, he moved out of the nursery and into his own room. He sometimes likes to use this talent to make fun of his family and to look after the village’s babies and young children.

The ability to change form hasn’t been very useful to the community, so Camilo’s Abuela Alma gave him the fewest responsibilities. Camilo seems to feel pressure and insecurity like most boys his age, just like the rest of his family. Because of this, he often hides his fears behind his happy attitude, and people often call him “someone who doesn’t know who he is yet.”

This behavior also suggests that he has problems with who he is that need to be worked out during the movie’s plot. He doesn’t remember Bruno like his sister and most of his cousins do, because his uncle was secretive when he was still in the family and left when Camilo was still a child. Camilo found out about him by hearing rumors about him from his family.

Camilo Madrigal: Character Development

Camilo was made to be a teenager who doesn’t know who he is and tries on a lot of different personalities. Camilo was supposed to be an “angry teen” with an antagonistic role in the movie when he was first made. This was similar to Isabela’s arrogant and rude personality, but the final version of Camilo was calm and friendly, which was a big change.

The studio decided that Camilo’s bad mood could be shown by letting his hair cover one of his eyes. When it comes to his clothes, it was always the plan that they would show that he could change shape. The studio gave him a ruana and black sandals to make him look like a chameleon.

Camilo’s Skills and Powers

Camilo has the power to change his appearance. He got this power when he was only five years old. He can take on the shape and appearance of anyone he has ever seen alive. When he uses this power, his clothes also change to match the person whose shape he is taking.

Camilo has gotten better at using this power over time, and now he can change only certain parts of his body if he wants to. This power also has some downsides, like the fact that he will change shape on his own if he feels stress, shock, or pain. For instance, when he is scared or nervous, his head will turn into that of an infant and his arms will become small and skinny.

His power does have some limits, though, because he can only change into people. He can’t change into animals or things. He also can’t copy anything besides his physical appearance, and if he changes into a family member, he won’t get that person’s special skills.

Camilo is very fast and agile, which was shown in the movie when he used his gift to become a child or an adult and slid, jumped, and ran through the falling pieces of the house.

How someone looks

Photos of Camilo’s family show that he is the same height as Bruno, so he is 5 feet and 4 inches tall. He is a Colombian boy who is 15 years old and has a thin build, light brown skin, and curly dark hair. Camilo is the only one of the Madrigal children who looks most like his grandfather Pedro.

Even though they look different in some ways, Camilo and Pedro have a lot of the same facial features and expressions. As we’ve already said, he wears a white long-sleeved shirt with the sleeves rolled up. His whole outfit has chameleon patterns, which remind us of his ability to change into different forms.

Trivia and Facts About Camilo Madrigal

  • Camilo’s birthday is on December 28th on Holy Innocents Day, which is similar to the real world’s April Fool’s Day.
  • While the movie Encanto was in early production, Camilo’s character’s name was Carlos, and he was described as a great singer with a habit of telling tales.
  • Camilo’s name serves as a pun for “chameleon,” given his shapeshifting ability. His outfit is also filled with motifs that remind us of his gift.
  • Camilo is of Colombian nationality.
  • The name Camilo means “temple servant,” “freeborn,” or “noble.”
  • In the earlier version of the Encanto film, Camilo’s appearance would changes after Casita fell, implying that he was hiding his true self.
  • Even though the production decided to limit Camilo’s gift to only shapeshifting into human forms, some concept art from The Art of Encanto implies that he was able to turn into an animal.

Last Words

This is the end of our article about Camilo Madrigal, a popular character from the movie Encanto. We hope you found it interesting and that you learned things about this Colombian shapeshifter that you didn’t know before.

Fans of Disney movies all over the world fell in love with the Madrigal family, who are some of the most interesting characters in this movie. Camilo is definitely one of a kind, and it’s likely that we’ll see him again in other movies set in the same universe as this one.


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