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Energica electric motorcycles catch huge wave of popularity in Q3


At the Milan Motorcycle Show, Energica Motors, an Italian company that makes electric motorcycles, talked about how well they were selling and showed off their whole line.

Energica said today that they will have sold 30% more motorcycles in 2022 than they did in 2021. Since Q4 is just getting started, the company may have a record sales year. The success is probably due to two main things: Energica’s commitment to making more products and a huge payment from Ideanomics earlier this year when it bought the company.

Livia Cevolini, the CEO of Energica, said in the company’s press release, “Our growing presence at this event shows Energica’s success.” “We have grown quickly in almost every country where we sell our products.” And they have grown, both in terms of sales and the number of products they offer.

Energica electric motorcycles

Energica now sells ten different kinds of motorcycles. Four of them came out this year: the Experia adventure/touring bike, the Ego+ sportbike, the Eva Ribelle naked bike, and the EsseEsse9+ touring bike. The Energica Experia is a big hit, as the company now has a growing list of people waiting to buy it and plans to give it to police all over the world.

The investment from Ideanomics, the other thing that made them want to do it, has also helped. Ideanomics, a fund that works to promote the use of electric vehicles, bought the whole company in March of this year and took it off the Italian stock exchange. “When Ideanomics bought Energica, our goal was to help the company grow beyond its racing roots,” says Robin Mackie, President of Ideanomics Mobility.

Mr. Mackie says that buying Ideanomics was more than just a cash infusion: “Ideanomics has allowed Energica to double its production capacity, release new models that appeal to a wider market, and get orders for large fleets.”

In the future, Energica wants to keep adding to the number of motorcycles it makes and sell its newest motor technology to other companies. “The E2110 motor, which powers the [Energica] Experia, has uses in agriculture, shipping, and aviation,” a press release says.

What is still not clear is how well Energica will do when more well-known motorcycle companies like Honda, Ducati, or Yamaha start making electric motorcycles. But Energica may be able to take advantage of the growing demand for electric motorcycles better than companies that have been making them for a long time because its product line and production capacity are growing faster.


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