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Elon Musk: is a visionary environmentalist Fred Krupp says


Elon Musk bought Twitter a week ago. Twitter is the largest social media site. A week later, it was said that the CEO of Tesla (TSLA) and SpaceX had fired almost half of Twitter’s 7,500 workers. Before Musk bought the platform, people who don’t like him were worried that bigots and people with bad intentions would use it.

The magnate has gotten into trouble for things like sending polarizing tweets and reopening a Tesla factory even though it was against public health rules. Some people still respect the business things he has done. For example, the CEO of the Environmental Defense Fund is Fred Krupp, who recently praised Musk and runs an organization that works to protect the environment. In a recent episode of Influencers with Yahoo Finance Editor-in-Chief Andy Serwer, Krupp said, “He’s a visionary.”

“And I think it’s hard not to give him credit for showing that electric cars can be very desirable, even if you don’t think about how good they are for the environment and climate.” Tesla is the most valuable car company in the world. On the market, it is worth about $655 billion. Tesla was one of the first companies to sell a lot of electric cars. It has also had other effects on the car business. Tesla was the first business to sell directly to customers. Rivian and, more recently,

Elon Musk: is a visionary environmentalist

BMW is also doing this. Electric vehicle maker Tesla was the first company to let people order cars online (EVs). Krupp said, “You know, he changed the car business for good.” “You can’t do anything about it.” Krupp is a fan of Musk’s work and also works with him to fight climate change. Musk’s space company, SpaceX, is a key part of the New Zealand Space Agency and the Environmental Defense Fund’s MethaneSAT mission. In 2023,

SpaceX will use a Falcon 9 rocket to send the MethaneSAT satellite into space. Once the satellite is in orbit around the Earth, it will send out information about how much greenhouse gas is being made. People will be able to keep track of how much methane is being made all over the world. Krupp said, “One satellite will be able to look at all of the most important oil and gas installations in the world several times a week.”

So, it will give us up-to-date information that we can share for free. Methane is one of the biggest environmental problems that scientists have found. The US Environmental Protection Agency says that the chemical compound keeps heat in the air 25 times better than carbon dioxide. It is also responsible for about 20% of the greenhouse gases that cause climate change.

Most methane comes from the oil and gas industry, which puts out 80 million tons of it every year. The Environmental Defense Fund says that it takes about a month to keep track of an industry’s emissions. But the process will only take a few days once the MethaneSAT is in space. Krupp said, “I think that kind of openness and responsibility is the best part of the Environmental Defense Fund working with companies with whom we have good relationships.” “We want them to do better, but we also hold them responsible for the results.


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