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Dutch inflation jumps to record high


In September, inflation in the Netherlands hit a record high of 17.1%, which was bad news for the Dutch government.It’s terrible…”It’s really way up there,” Finance Minister Sigrid Kaag told local media on Friday, according to Xinhua.

According to the European Harmonized Index of Consumer Prices (HICP) and the Dutch Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS), the year-on-year rate was 13.7 percent, which was also a record.According to CBS, a large part of the inflation was caused by the rising cost of energy.

Dutch inflation jumps to record high

The HICP number of 17.1% is a first guess based on source data that is still not complete.On October 6, the regular consumer price index (CPI) for the Netherlands will be released. This will show inflation.

Kaag said that the Dutch government had already put forward a package of measures worth 16 billion euros ($17 billion) to help most households keep their purchasing power and that they were still working on a price cap for energy.

She said. “We also need to be careful not to spend all the money now, or we won’t have any if there’s a recession.”More government action could make inflation worse. Many countries are attempting to strike the proper balance. 


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