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Destiny 2 season: of the chosen roadmap


The new season for Destiny 2 is called “Season of the Chosen,” and it comes with a new roadmap that goes from next Tuesday to mid-May, as usual. I thought you might want a more permanent way to look at the roadmap than a tweet, so I wrote this article. You can see it here in a bigger size, but I doubt you’ll be able to see everything that well.

I also wanted to say a few things about what was on the road map and whether or not there would be any surprises. Here are the things I remember most about what I read:
The main thing about this season is the new Battlegrounds events, which, if I had to guess, might be on the same level as Forges since they involve three people. As far as we can tell, there are four. They are on Nessus, the moon, and the Cosmodrome. The last one isn’t clear to me (update: Europa, judging by the trailer). Unlike forges, they might use existing map areas, but I’m not sure yet.

Fallen Saber and Devil’s Lair, the two strikes from Destiny 1 that are being brought back, will go live as soon as the season does. We still don’t know if they are connected to the story in some way, like The Disgraced was in Beyond Light, if they have been rewritten, or if they just have the same dialogue and final bosses as the originals.

Fans haven’t known where the new HELM is because it doesn’t seem to be in the current tower. Some people think it’s just a renovated part of the old tower, but that doesn’t mean the whole old tower is coming back to life. From what I can tell, the HELM will be this season’s “invest currency in upgrading X thing to get more benefits” item.

Destiny 2 season:

This roadmap is the only place where new stasis aspect quests are talked about. We don’t know how many or what kind (more checklists like last time, or a real mission?) I’m sure that no matter what effects they have, they won’t be controversial and won’t have any effect on PvP. I hope this keeps Clovis and Elsie’s story going on Europa so that we don’t just give up on that place.

Trials start right away with its new armor set, which is probably the best-looking one we’ve seen this season. A new hand cannon was also shown in the new trailer for Trials. From what we can tell, the only things being added to or worked on for PvP this season seem to be new loot for trials and new playlist drops.

Proving Grounds, the real new strike for the season doesn’t come out until more than a month after the season starts. It happens on a tank that is moving, and I think the delay is because it will be part of a season-long story that can’t happen right away. Season pass holders, strangely, get the strike a week before free-to-play players. I mean, okay?

The Guardian Games are the season’s last event. Some people say that the armor sets remind them of SRL, but I don’t agree with that. This time, a “closing ceremony” will happen. People have talked about reopening the old tower, but I’m not sure what that will be. I can only assume that Heir Apparent will return, but this time with a reason.

What doesn’t make this list? Some people think it’s the first curse, but it could be something brand new. And Bungie may have more secrets that aren’t written down anywhere.
A lot will depend on the quality of the loot and the seasonal activities, but what I’ve seen so far is promising, so I’m going to give the season a try. Keep up-to-date to learn more.


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