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CRTC delays Telus’s request to add a fee for paying by credit card:


Canada’s telecommunications regulator has put off making a decision about whether Telus can charge customers a fee for credit card processing.

In a letter sent on Thursday, the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission said it might need until December 6 to decide if Telus Corp. could add a 1.5 percent processing fee to customer bills paid by credit card.

Telus first told the telecommunications commission on August 8 that it wanted to add the fee in the fall. The usual amount of time for the commission to respond was 45 days, or Sept. 22, 2022.

CRTC delays Telus’s request to add

Telus told the commission in their application that the surcharge is meant to “cover the processing costs that come with credit card payments.” Telus told The Canadian Press in August that the average monthly cost per customer would be about $2.

For a hypothetical customer in Alberta whose cellphone bill is $100, the charge would make their bill $106.66, which is $100 for their basic bill, plus $5 for GST, plus a $1.58 surcharge for the new fee, plus another eight cents for GST on the surcharge.

You can avoid the fee by choosing a different way to pay, like a debit or one-time bank payment. It wouldn’t apply to people in Quebec or to people who use Telus’s Koodo service.


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