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Ciara joins Instacart’s healthy food initiative


Ciara is working with Instacart on a new project that aims to teach people how to shop in a healthy way.The 36-year-old artist has made a digital shopping cart of “feel-good favorites” that customers can buy on their own. This was done in partnership with a company that delivers groceries and household items.

The singer’s favorite foods, like almond milk, vegan desserts, fresh produce, organic meat, and string cheese, are in the cart. These are her “go-to” items for staying fueled up.

With the partnership, Instacart announced Instacart Health, it’s the latest plan to help people live healthier by delivering the things they need. According to a statement, the goal of the initiative is to increase the company’s “work in this space through product innovations, new partnerships (like the one with Ciara), research, and policy advocacy.” 
Ciara said in a press release, “My family and I live by the saying ‘health is wealth,’ and we know that a lot of that starts with what we eat.”

Ciara joins Instacart’s healthy food initiative

She went on, “I have a very busy life between taking care of my three kids, spending time with my husband, and running my businesses. I’ve learned that eating foods that are high in nutrients actually makes me feel better and keeps me going. I’m happy to work with Instacart on Instacart Health because I believe in their mission to make healthy food more accessible to everyone and to help people make better decisions about what they buy to meet their own health needs. 
Instacart has teamed up with the Partnership for a Healthier America to give 10 million servings of fruits and vegetables to families across the US over the next three years. This is in addition to their work to make healthy food more accessible.

Nancy E. Roman, President and CEO of the Partnership for a Healthier America, said, “For far too long, too many people haven’t had access to healthy food because it’s either too far away, too expensive, or both.”

“With the help of Instacart and their Fresh Funds program, we can break down these barriers and make sure that everyone, no matter how far away they are from a grocery store, has access to the fruits and vegetables they need. We can’t make a more fair food system on our own, so we’re thrilled that Instacart has agreed to donate 10 million servings of fresh produce to help us reach our goal of giving 100 million servings of fresh produce to families in need by 2025.


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