Can you get herpes from smoking after a person?

can you get herpes from smoking after a person

You wake up on Monday morning after a long weekend of getting high with a group of friends and look in the bathroom mirror to see a strange sore growing on the side of your lip. At first, you just thought it was a battle wound—maybe something that happened when you tried to fight a pepperoni pizza too hard. After all,

a severe case of munchies from marijuana can sometimes make it hard for a person to eat without hurting themselves. But after a quick Google search at breakfast, you realize that the horrible sore that makes your mouth look like a scene from the movie “The Toxic Avenger” that was cut out could be a terrible case of herpes.

Even though the herpes virus is usually spread through sexual contact, it can easily be passed on by sharing joints, vaporizers, or any other smoking device. It’s one of those really bad social problems that doesn’t get the attention it deserves. Even if they are aware of the risks of those ever-popular group smoking sessions, most dedicated pot smokers don’t think much about the fact that the bowl or bong they are smoking from might be full of cooties.

Can you get herpes from smoking after a person?

But maybe they should start. Some of the most recent numbers from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) show that by the end of 2018, nearly half of all Americans between the ages of 14 and 49 will have caught this disease. Most people agree that you can’t really swap spit with too many people these days without making your mouth a biohazard.

Dr. Carolyn Cegielski, a gastroenterologist from Mississippi, told High Times that if you have oral herpes and a cut on your lip, you could easily spread the disease by sharing blunts or joints.

But never fear. Even though the herpes virus is a real risk for people who share weed with fish-lipping friends, this horrible disease doesn’t have to stop people from smoking pot with their friends. Now that marijuana is legal for recreational use in a growing number of states, there are a lot of cannabis products on the market for people who don’t want to share anymore.

These things were not made to be passed around the room like a bottle of toilet hooch in a Mexican prison. But rather, they are meant to add a touch of class and decorum to the lives of people who want to use cannabis without getting sick. Here are three new products that get you high without getting you high.


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