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Bosch launches new race-focussed e-bike motor


Bosch is known for making some of the best mid-drive motors on the market. The Bosch Performance Line CX Race Limited Edition is its new race-oriented drive system.The Race Limited Edition is an improvement on the highly regarded Performance Line CX drive system. It is made for racers and riders who want to do well.

The new system is the company’s lightest one yet, with the drive system weighing just 2.75kg. It was made to keep up with the needs of eMTB racing.Reducing the overall weight of racing eMTBs is important for better handling, more control on jumps and descents, and, of course, making it much easier to pedal when the motor is turned off.In Race mode, the new system will boost the rider’s power by up to 400%. This means riders can get up to speed faster, which was important to pro rider Joris Ryf when the new product was being made.

Bosch launches new race

“It was a great experience for us pros to help make a product for our races. For me, the most important thing was a drive unit that would get me to top speed faster and keep me there longer, and we did it.Extended Boost, which is usually only available in eMTB mode, has been improved for Race mode as well. The thrust has been made longer so that riders can more easily climb over big rocks, steps, and roots. The eBike Flow app lets you change this, as well as the dynamics, amount of assist, top speed, and top torque.

This new, limited-edition drive system is going to change the way eMTB racers do things, but the brands and models that will use it haven’t been announced yet. It will probably only be open to about 20 of the best eMTB companies that make bikes for racing.


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