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Bescargar whatsapp para ipadian:


Many users have attempted to download WhatsApp on the iPad in recent years, but the truth is that there is no official app for this device. It’s hard to believe that such a popular app isn’t available on more than one platform, but we want to help you find the best way to use it on your Apple tablet.
WhatsApp can’t be officially downloaded on iPads because it doesn’t work with them.

Even though your iPad has a SIM card, the WhatsApp app is not compatible with the iPad’s operating system. To sync your account with the web version of the app on your tablet, you’ll need to use your phone, whether it’s an Android or an iPhone.

Mucho atención, porque la mayora sólo son marcos de Whatsapp Web, llenas de anuncios, y algunas pueden jeopardizar la seguridad de tus mensajes y información personal.
So, stay away from these copies, and don’t jailbreak your device to get these or other apps.
WhatsApp Web can be used.

This method is probably the easiest because you don’t have to install any third-party apps and can do it right from Safari or another browser like Google Chrome.
If you’ve used WhatsApp Web on your computer before, the steps may sound familiar, but we’ll explain how to move forward:

Open the browser on your iPad and go to WhatsApp Web.

  • Put the WhatsApp app on your phone or tablet.
  • Go to the Settings menu on your iPhone and choose “WhatsApp Web/Escritorio.”
  • If you’re using an Android, press the three dots in the upper right corner and choose “WhatsApp Web.”
  • Open the camera on your phone and point it at the QR code on the iPad.
  • And this way, you’ll be able to get to your chats from your own browser.
  • So, if you close the WhatsApp Web page, you might have to set it up again.

It’s a way for WhatsApp to make sure that a third party can’t get to your information.
In a way, it makes sense, since more people can use the iPad at home, and maybe you don’t mind if other people can hear your conversations.
How to Install WhatsApp

From the APK archive, you can install the app.

To do this, you don’t have to go to a strange website to download the APK. Instead, you can do it right from the download section of the WhatsApp website.
It says “tablets are not compatible” in the text, but it should say “tablets are not recommended” because the app works perfectly with them.
Since it’s the same app, this method gives you access to all of WhatsApp’s features, but you can’t use the same account on both phones.
To put it another way, this is the best choice if you only want to use WhatsApp on your Android tablet.
Here are the steps you need to take:

  • You can get the WhatsApp APK from the website for the app.
  • If you need to, give the browser permission to install apps.
  • Putting WhatsApp on your tablet and starting up the app
  • completing the sign-up process with your phone number (you can use the verification code that came with your phone if your tablet lacks SIM).
  • Demands to be Terceros

If the above formula doesn’t work for you, you might be able to find an app in the App Store that does.
When you use one of these, you can put the app on the start screen or dock so that you can get to it quickly whenever you want.
In all of them, the setup process is very similar to that of WhatsApp Web. This is because, in some ways, they are all just the same escritorio version turned into an app.

Even though you can use WhatsApp Web on an iPad with Safari, it’s not perfect.
Last but not least, WhatsApp is not made for the iPad.
Because of this, many companies realized that there was a need for an app for the iPad that could run WhatsApp.
It’s a good idea to check out the different third-party apps in the App Store that can be used with WhatsApp.

Also, the interface is very easy to use because it’s the same as the web version of WhatsApp that you can use on any office computer.
Worse, the app, or more accurately, the service, is not made for the needs of iPad users.
It is one of the most common ways that this crime is used.
As was already said, it uses the web version of WhatsApp to do things like send and receive messages, share multimedia content, and add new locations.
Because of this, we find the same interface, which is good because we don’t have to learn how to use something new.

The best thing about this app is that it has the same user interface as the web version of WhatsApp, so you won’t have to spend time learning how to use it. It works the same as the web version, with only a few small differences. It’s a simple and easy way to do things. Even though this is not a WhatsApp app, the people who made it did a great job of using the resources they had to make the most similar app possible.


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