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Another new DeLorean is coming that of the founder’s daughter


Last May, we told you about the return of the DeLorean with the Alpha5, an electric coupé made with the help of Italdesign by an American company that bought the rights to sell the original brand. A few months from now, a new DeLorean should be coming out, but it will be nothing like the Alpha5 that was at Pebble Beach this summer.

Kat DeLorean, the daughter of the company’s founder, John, said she would show a sports car called the Model JZD before the end of the year. 
DNG Motors is the name of the company that was started by Kat DeLorean (for “DeLorean Next Generation Motors”). The brand’s website says that the JZD, which was named after John Z. DeLorean, will go into production in Detroit, Michigan, in January 2023.

At this point, there isn’t much information or photos available. However, DNG says that the engineering team will include “some of the best minds in the automotive industry,” including engineers who worked on the original DeLorean. The brand also says, “DNG Motors will be something the industry has never seen before, with a focus on people and the brand itself.”

Another new DeLorean is coming

DNG Motors wants to start special study programs for some specialized schools outside of the auto industry. It also wants to form partnerships with other manufacturers to help start a transition to a smoother and more environmentally friendly way to move around.

DNG Motors wants to make it clear that it has nothing to do with the company that made the “new” DeLorean. This means that the model that Kat DeLorean teased and that is shown in the photos will not only come out before Alpha5 (which, according to rumors, won’t come out until 2024), but will also have very different technical specs.

At this point, it wouldn’t surprise us to see a sports car with a combustion engine that isn’t electric. This would be different from the Alpha5, which is powered by electricity. So, it looks like a small “derby” between DMC and DNG Motors is starting up around the DeLorean. A case in point.


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