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6 cocktails to celebrate national tequila day


On July 24, it’s National Tequila Day. Even though the day itself is kind of in between “real” and “fake” holidays, it is still a good reason to celebrat,e with a glass of your favorite tequila-based cocktail or a delicious Anejo.

Most people think of the traditional margarita or Paloma when they think of tequila drinks. However, tequila is a versatile spirit that can be used to make a lot more.

Here are some great tequila cocktails (and one with mezcal, which doesn’t have its own day yet) from some of the best bartenders in the country.


Put everything in shaker No. 10 and shake it hard. Pour into a tall glass. Add a pineapple leaf, dried lime, and Tajin-rimmed seasoning to finish.


Start by putting a thick half-rim of spicy salt around the edge of a double rocks glass and setting it aside. Make sure none of the spicy salt gets into the glass. Put all of the ingredients into the small shaker tin, starting with the cheapest and ending with the most expensive. Put in the ice and shake for 8 to 10 seconds (hard shake). Add fresh ice to the double rocks glass that has already been rimmed. Sprinkle a little salt on top. Add a ring of bell pepper.


Mix cucumbers and syrup together. Pour the tequila and lime juice into the tin. Shake, then pour over new ice. Pour grapefruit soda on top.


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